Resident Services Coordinator (Part-Time)

Springfield, VA

The Resident Service Coordinator (RSC) assists residents to maintain successful tenancies and improve their quality of life by providing a combination of information and referral to services along with useful and engaging onsite programming.

Position Summary:

  • Educator – The RSC informs residents about service availability, how to apply for services and benefits, understanding consumer rights, and other relevant issues.
  • Community Builder – The RSC recognizes the impact of the social environment and the importance of developing a sense of community to improve on individuals’ health and well-being. The RSC helps build a sense among all residents living in the community.
  • Liaison – The RSC acts as a liaison between residents and Management, community-based agencies, and/or regional government entities (Social Security Administration , of Veteran’s Affairs, etc.); Resident Service Coordinators work with Management staff, eldercare service providers, behavioral/mental health care and medical care professionals to resolve issues together while keeping information confidential.
  • Service Facilitator – The RSC establishes links to community agencies and service providers, provides basic case management and referral services and monitors the ongoing provision of services from outside agencies.

General Statement of Duties:

  1. Program Development/Coordination
  2. Resident Referrals and Direct Assistance
  3. Resident  Compliance Issues

Any one position may not include all duties listed herein. Conversely, additional duties may be required that are specific to the individual site.

Essential Functions of the Position:

  • Assists in developing programming that addresses self-sufficiency issues such as Money Management/Budgeting, Parenting skills/support, Job Readiness, Nutrition & Fitness, and Youth Enrichment/After school programming.
  • Assesses and coordinates referrals and resources -recommending solutions to resolve resident issues impacting resident’s personal life, health and well-being, and refers them to suitable community services, resources and Entitlement Programs, as appropriate.
  • Tracks resident program participation for all on-site programs and other outcome measurements that show program impact.
  • Tracks resident referrals to community programs and services.
  • Documents all interactions regarding provision of assistance to residents in Yardi on a weekly basis.
  • Provides crisis intervention to residents, as needed.
  • Fosters a positive, active and collaborative relationship with residents, local government, non-profit agencies, social service providers, hospitals, healthcare organizations, colleges/universities and representatives of the greater community.
  • Assists with processing Reasonable Accommodation requests for residents with disabilities.
  • Participates in joint annual apartment inspections with Property Manager and/or Maintenance ; follows up on any referrals from inspections such as housekeeping and hoarding issues, presence of unauthorized occupants, smoking in apt. etc.
  • Addresses business critical functions impacting property’s net operating income (NOI) working directly with Property Manager to address and resolve lease compliance issues such as late rent, housekeeping, security, illegal activity, and unauthorized occupants.


Equal Opportunity Employer


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